Community Groups

We value growing together in small groups at Frederick Boulevard. Although we love our large group worship experiences, and believe them to be very important, we are convinced that discipleship, accountability and fellowship occur best when they are experienced in a smaller group setting. We offer a large number of smaller groups that we refer to as Community Groups. We believe these small group settings serve as small pockets of community all over our church. These Community Groups are an incredible opportunity to be intimately connected with a small group of other people, learning to be like Jesus and living life together. These groups meet at various times and locations to serve you more effectively. Some meet on Sunday mornings on campus, and many meet in homes off campus.

View our current Community Groups below.



    CHILDREN'S SUNDAY SCHOOL: During the 9am Community Group hour, we provide childcare for children birth through age 2. For children ages 3 years (and potty trained) through 6th grade we offer age appropriate curriculum and classes. More information.

    YOUTH COMMUNITY GROUPS: Students grades 7-12 are welcome to join us Sunday mornings as we focus on connecting with each other and growing in our relationship with Jesus through Bible Study and group discussion. More information.


    Room 126

    Led by Brian & Shelly Stevens


  • young couples

    Room 103

    Led by Paul & Jala Damery


    (See also our Refuge group of young adults that meets on Tuesday evenings.)

  • young adults

    Room 102

    Led by Jim & Debi Frazier

    816.390.5437, or email Debi

  • couples (30's to mid 40's)

    Room 208

    Led by Jeff & Deana Cox

    816.244.2067, or email Jeff

  • Mixed (married & single, all ages)

    Room 113

    Led by Tom Richardson

    816.232.0854, or email Tom

    Room 123

    Led by Mr. Jody Carlson

    816.261.0277, or email Jody

    Room 124

    Led by Dr. Ron Taylor

    816.232.2030, or email Ron

    Room 125

    Led by Dan Murfin

    816.271.6967, or email Dan

    Room 127

    Led by Steve Ellis

    816.432.4566, or email Steve

  • men (any age)

    Room 117

    Led by Garth Propheter

    816.261.0277, or email Garth

  • Women (any age)

    Room 107

    Led by Bridgit Shank


    Room 115

    Led by Jeanie Crain

    816.841.3855, or email Jeanie

  • mixed deaf (any age)

    Room 120

    Led by Chris Kaster

    Phone/Voice: 816.724.4469

  • mixed over 50

    Room 112

    Led by Max Summers

    816.232.3708, or email Max

  • mixed seniors

    Room 119

    Led by Ron Moutray

    816.752.5054, or email Ron

    Room 108

    Led by Tharran Gaines

    816.262.1003, or email Tharran

  • senior women

    Room 116

    Led by Virginia Winder

    785.985.2994, or email Virginia

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