missions at fbbc

Missions is important at Frederick Boulevard. One of our deepest callings is to engage in and support projects and people who share our desire to glorify God by making disciples of all nations, from local to international. Because of this, we are honored to partner financially with many ministries.

Giving to missions happens all year long at Frederick--you don't have to wait for a specific drive or season to give. When you designate your gift to "Frederick Missions," it is distributed to 4 areas automatically:

Our goal for 2020 is $135,000.

The Missions Team at Frederick is an elected body of up to 9 members that make guided decisions regarding the missions activities of our church. Current members include: Bobby Combs, Lauren Conrad, Kenny Darr, Sandy Gilbertson, Matthew Lindley, and Chad Crooks.


Email the Missions Team about anything missions-related, including information about upcoming missions trips and projects.

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