our mission and vision

Our mission and vision are combined into one statement:

We glorify God by making disciples of all the nations.

This is what drives us as a church—we aim to keep the glory of God foremost in all we do, and we are seeking to make disciples, both here and to the ends of the earth.

We’ve broken this vision down into five key areas of focus. 

  • glorify god

    Our drive in all we do is to glorify God—that’s the ultimate purpose of our lives, so it must bet the aim of everything we do as a church.

  • being disciples

    We glorify God by being disciples, so we aim to grow as followers of Jesus. Through our ministries, we seek to equip believers to know the Word and walk faithfully with Christ. We are encourage everyone at FBBC to read through the Bible and join a community group if they are not already a part of one.

  • making disciples

    The command to make disciples includes both evangelism (sharing the gospel) and discipling (helping others grow in Christ). For this reason, we equip the people of FBBC to not only make Christ known, but disciple others.

  • reaching our city

    God has planted us in the mission field of Saint Joseph, Missouri. In a city with vast lostness, we are seeking to make Christ known. In addition, we believe that we are to work for the good of the city where God has placed us. 

  • reaching the nations

    God’s purpose is to glorify Himself among all the nations, so we focus on strategic missions to reach the lost, particularly among unreached people groups and areas with little gospel witness.