youth community groups

You might call it Sunday School, but we prefer to call our Sunday morning classes "Community Groups" because we focus on connecting with each other as we grow in our relationship with Jesus through Bible Study and group discussion. All students grades 7-12 meet in the gym
(9-10 am) and are divided by gender and paired by grades. Join us as we study God's Word together.

7-8th grade classes will be continuing with a focus on a storyline approach to scripture with a look at specific characters in God's Word, God's plan, and God's ongoing work and how it is relevant and applicable today.


9-10th grade class is going to be focusing on a study that breaks down the call to be on mission and the principles of how we apply this into our lives. They will also be looking at who the IMB is and what they are doing to spread the Gospel around the world.


11-12th grade will be looking at what it means to defend our faith through an apologetic study and helping them be able to answer some of the tough questions like, Is the Bible reliable? Is Jesus God? Creation or Evolution?