Welcome to awana 2023-24

Thank you for registering for Awana this year! Here are some important things you need to know!


    NOTE: If you already receive Remind notifications from last year, you can disregard this info!

    It is vitally important you receive our short weekly (Wednesday morning) announcements about our Awana club. We use a service called "Remind" to do this, and you can choose to receive announcements via text (preferred method), email, or the Remind app (or all 3!) Emergency announcements (such as cancellation for bad weather) will also be delivered through Remind. (Awana WORKERS note: those volunteering in our Awana club will have a different Remind group. It would be better to join that one instead of this one.)

    1. TO RECEIVE TEXT MESSAGES: From your mobile phone, send a text message to 81010 with @fbbc-ap as the message. "Remind" will reply, follow their instructions. If prompted, you may need to reply YES to continue receiving future texts and/or you may need to reply P to indicate you are a Parent. It is not necessary to download the Remind app, although additional features are available through it.

    2. TO RECEIVE EMAILS: On an internet browser, go to rmd.at/fbbc-ap and sign up for email notifications.

    3. TO RECEIVE PUSH NOTIFICATIONS ON YOUR SMART PHONE through the Remind app: Download the app called Remind: School Communication (or Remind Chat, their new name.) Set up an account, choose "Add Class", then "Join Existing Class". Enter class code: @fbbc-ap. If you already have the Remind app, just add our "class" using that code.

  • 2023-24 CALENDAR

    Coming soon!