• Would you like to "adopt" a college student?

    We are pairing college students with FBBC families who are willing to love and disciple college-aged students. This will give our students a greater sense of belonging to our church through simple interactions such as Sunday lunches, sending them text messages, or occasionally offering your home as a quiet place to study or do laundry.

    How much do I have to do? How much will this cost me?

    Connection is key. Keeping in contact with the student and doing something with them every once in a while lets them know that someone loves them and they are a vital part of our church and community.

    Here are some ideas that students love…

    Take them out to lunch every once in a while.

    Invite them over to cook a meal together.

    Go to a sporting event (even your child’s.)

    Send them text messages.

    Send them mail and care packages during finals week.

    Invite them to help you in your ministries.

    Offer your home as a quiet place for homework or laundry.

    Take them fishing or golfing.

    Invite them on a family outing.

    Invite them over to watch a movie or play games.


    We ask that there is some kind of interaction with your students at least twice a month.

    We are going to pair each family with at least 2 students. This will help in everyone feeling comfortable from the beginning. You will have the option on the sign up form to request between 2 and 4 students.

    This is a commitment for the whole school year – August to May. (Although, we are fairly confident that you’ll want to continue the relationship long after the school year ends)

    We will do regular follow-up with both families and students to check in and make sure everything is going great.

    Please fill out this ONLINE FORM and Shelley Crooks will be contacting you soon!