Awana training: t&t boys

NEW T&T BOYS WORKERS (OR IF YOU ARE COMING INTO T&T BOYS  FROM A DIFFERENT CLUB): Video 1 on the T&T boys schedule will be added soon. For now please go to the T&T Girls page and watch the video for the Girls' T&T Schedule. The only difference for boys is that boys do game time first, then handbook time, and girls do handbook time first, then game time. Be sure to also watch video 2 on Handbook Time.

RETURNING T&T WORKERS: You may skip the non-existent  Video 1 on the T&T Boys Schedule. (It is not there...don't get confused! It is coming!) Please watch Video 2 on Handbook Time.

video 1: t&t boys schedule

coming soon

For NEW T&T Boys workers only.


video 2: t&t handbook time

For NEW and RETURNING workers.