Helping those who are disconnected from God become committed followers of Jesus Christ – this is what we do at Frederick Boulevard. Everything we do is built around this framework. We want those who are curious about God, who are indifferent about God, those who are familiar with God and those who are even angry with God to come to Frederick, and find a place where they are challenged to know Him, to submit to Him and to become more like Him.

The foundation for this effort are three core values; Gospel. Community. Mission. These three values are at the heart of everything we do.


We are convinced that God designed us for Him, and for each other. As Americans we can struggle with this because we value our independence so strongly. However, we believe the pattern that God designed us for is to live in community with each other. Scripture describes this as honesty with each other, mutual accountability, confession to each other, praying for each other, sharing in each other’s times of need, and so much more.

We believe so strongly in this that we are convinced none of us are able to really grow to be what God wants us to be apart from the biblical community. Because of this we love to gather together, and we love to grow together in our Community Groups.

We have been reconciled to God and one another for the purpose of making an appeal to the world to be likewise reconciled.  As image bearers of God we were created for community. What sin has broken, Jesus has reconciled. Apart from Jesus’ death and resurrection, community is not possible. The existence of a loving, gospel-saturated community is a testimony to the truth of the gospel.
In a broken world that intrinsically longs for authentic community, this is a profoundly different motivation. People aren’t interested in church growth. They are desperate for hope. They can find belonging in a pub, but they need a community transformed by the love of Jesus. We have exactly what they need when we root our groups in what Jesus has accomplished.

-Brad House

As such, we give much attention & thought to the building of community, and the maintenance of community. Join us as we live together, for Christ, in biblical community with other’s who are committed to following Christ.